A Psychological Trick to Evoke

A Psychological Trick to Evoke

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Language is one of our most significant inventions. It allowed us to pass on useful information by telling stories. We told stories of past and called it history, we connected observations and called it science, and when in need of reason we made philosophy.

In early 2017, we set out on a mission to empower the world with frictionless trade. We formed a joint venture with ConsenSys to create AirSwap, a decentralized trading system on Ethereum. Our team drove protocol design, launched the network and token, built a suite of world class products, and evolved into the industry standard for over-the-counter trading, preferred by utility token users and security token platforms alike.

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We pioneered tokenization, created the tokenized asset portfolio (TAP) to provide a roadmap to represent real world assets in DeFi, and hosted the annual Fluidity Summit to bring together the finance and blockchain communities. We focused on innovation, good design, security, and simple and powerful product experiences. After three strong years in an early space, we decided that the time had come to streamline and scale.

Fluidity and ConsenSys

In working with ConsenSys, we found industry-leading business development, marketing, legal, and community management teams. Given these resources and opportunities for our technology and products, we decided to join ConsenSys for the following reasons:

We can scale

ConsenSys has the know-how and relationships to grow our network and business into reaches of the world to which we do not have access. We are a technology and product team, and by joining forces with ConsenSys, we now have access to an industry-leading business development expertise, working closely with Codefi in our efforts.

We reduce costs

Since the beginning, we’ve had dedicated legal, marketing, community, and operations staff. ConsenSys has talented people across the organization in these categories. By working within the mesh, we can leverage those resources and reduce costs overall. AirSwap itself has years of operating runway, and joining forces streamlines the project even further.

Our community benefits

ConsenSys provides industry leading marketing and community teams. We wanted to make a decision that best serves everyone as stakeholders in the project. One of our first projects within the mesh will be to weigh new token mechanics to better represent the power of the system given the newly released capabilities.

The path ahead

Everything you know and love about the project continues. The founders are remaining on, the engineers are still at work, with more business opportunities, improved marketing and community management, and a stronger AirSwap network. Taking on the challenge to decentralize finance is only achievable by working together.